Wellness Center Services

At Evolve Wellness Center, we understand that there is no silver bullet to health. In addition to our Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Network Chiropractic offerings, we offer many other modalities to help you on your healing journey.


Health is not a destination. Health is a lifestyle. People become healthy by shifting their perspective and making small decisions daily that produce incremental improvements in their wellbeing. Our team and offerings are designed to both help you find the energy to make better decisions and to guide you along the way!

Wellness Retreat Atlanta

ACTIVATE Wellness Retreat

If you are interested in Network Chiropractic and want to experience it, ACTIVATE is a great place to start. We offer this one-day retreat three times each year. 

ACTIVATE inclues:

3 Network Chiropractic Entrainments

3 Powerful Breathwork Sessions

1 Gentle Beginner Yoga

Meditation Session

Sound Bath

Lunch and Dinner

Astrology Reading

Learning about astrology offers us a way to understand ourselves and gives us permission to be who we are. Each of us is designed in a unique way and has our own challenges and gifts. By understanding how each of us is designed, we can make better sense of our experiences and live our lives in a more effective way. Whether we need help finding love, a more fulfilling career, or to simply understand more about our own personality, an astrology reading offers phenomenal guidance.

Atrology Reading Atlanta
Atlanta Meditation Center

Meditation and Yoga

ATL Meditation Center

Evolve Wellness Center is partnered with the Atlanta Meditation Center. Each class that they offer is focused on developing more mindfulness and connection with breath. They are the only studio in Atlanta that offers regular Yoga Nidra classes and Kundalini Yoga. 

Health Coaching

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you are truly ready to upgrade your lifestyle, you might be thinking about getting a health coach. Evolve Wellness Center is partnered with Align Health Coaching because they provide comprehensive, holistic health coaching services. Their coaches not only provide the tools and resources for upgrading your health, but they also help you get to the root cause of your lifestyle choices and develop a different mindset toward your health and life.

Health Coaching Atlanta
Atlanta Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot reflexology uses specific points on your feet to access and health all of the different systems and organs in your body. A reflexologist uses a map of the bottom of your feet to determine which areas of your body need help. It is common for people to get so relaxed during their reflexology session that they enter a deeply meditative space or even fall asleep. 

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is the energy of the universe. A reiki practitioner has been trained to use this energy to help balance energy centers and pathways in their clients. It is deeply calming and helps heal your past, present, and future pains and traumas. By balancing your energy, a reiki practitioner helps you heal physical pain, emotional disregulation, mental stress, and even spiritual distress. 

Reiki Energy Healing Atlanta
Atlanta Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Every particle in the universe is vibrating. That means that every atom in every molecule in every cell in your body is vibrating. Different vibration frequencies lead to different experiences of life. when the different frequencies in your body are out of harmony, they can cause discomfort, disease, and leave you feeling down. Sound healing uses tuning forks, sound bowls, drums, and chimes to bring your vibration back into harmony. The physical vibrations of the sound penetrate into your physical body and effect your emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

Tarot Card Reading

Life is always trying to send us guidance, all we have to do is listen. A tarot reading is simply an opportunity to tune into the messages that we are meant to hear and find the guidance we are meant to find. Whether you have questions about relationships, career, or your life path in general, a tarot reading can offer some much needed help if you're stressed. 

Atlanta Tarot Card Reading
Atlanta Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultation

The world of supplements is overwhelming to understand. Unfortunately, our food doesn't contain all of the nutrients we need so we need to use supplements to make sure that our bodies remain healthy. But where do we start? Many of the products on the market are full of low quality ingredients that might end up hurting you more than helping or, at the very least, wasting your money. Our Wellness Consultants are here to help! After extensive trial and error, research, and studying, we have found supplements that work and can help you feel healthy and function better.