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Network Chiropractic Retreat

Activate is a one day wellness retreat centered around Network Chiropractic

The Next Date for ACTIVATE is TBD!
Wellness Retreat Atlanta

ACTIVATE Wellness Retreat Includes:

  • 3 Entrainment Healing Sessions

  • 3 Powerful Breathwork Classes

  • Gentle Beginner Yoga

  • A Meditation/Sound Bath

  • Lunch and Dinner Provided

An Entrainment helps your body connect to and release stored tension that is linked to bound energy in your body. Releasing this energy back into your system can have significant impacts on your mental state, emotional state, and the way you live your life! To learn more about Network Chiropractic, see our page HERE.

Your body and your life are intimately connected. Healing one heals the other. If you are ready to ACTIVATE your life, join us!

Need a Mental Health Retreat?

We are busier than ever before. From the minute we wake up to the sound of an alarm, our nervous system is on high alert. We are constantly bombarded with information and stress. Whether driving, watching our favorite show, or scrolling on social media, we are digesting more and more information. How often do we get a break?

Signs of Stress

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you might be feeling the physiological effects of stress:

  • Daily Fatigue - Do you need coffee every day? Are you a total bear without it? This is a sign of adrenal burnout. It basically means you have been on the go for too long and your entire system is exhausted.

  • Difficulty Sleeping - So you're wired all day but have a difficult time sleeping at night. If only you could sleep during work and stay up at night right? Unfortunately, that is just not possible in today's world.

  • Weight gain/loss - If you have gained or lost a significant amount of weight very quickly without trying, talk to your medical doctor. If you have a tough time gaining gaining or losing ten pounds to get ready for swimwear season, you might be stressed! If we are chronically stressed, our hormonal system starts to malfunction. Hormones play a large part in our weight, meaning muscle building and fat storage.

  • Depression/Anxiety - Depression and Anxiety can be effectively managed with medications so it you have a severe case of either, please talk to your medical doctor. If you have just been feeling down for a while or always seem to be on edge but don't know why, this could be a sign of being stressed!

Stress Relief Activities

So you're experiencing a lot of stress and your body is feeling it. That happens to everyone right? While symptoms of stress are very common, they are not normal. Most people experience a lot of stress, especially living in a big city like Atlanta, but our bodies are not meant to live in the experience forever.

Tools to reduce stress:

  • Take a Vacation - When was the last time you took a vacation? Giving your system time to relax on a week-long vacation allows you to fully relax and unwind tension on a physiological level.

  • Breathe - The neurological benefits of Breath Work are well documented in current research and ancient mindfulness traditions.

  • Move Your Body - Going to the gym, for a run, or doing yoga are fantastic ways to help your body burn off tension. Visit the Atlanta Meditation Center or Crossfit Brookhaven if you're looking for a fun place to workout or do mindfulness based yoga.

  • Network Chiropractic - ACTIVATE Wellness Retreat features Network Chiropractic as the foundation of the day-long experience. This revolutionary type of care accesses the stress in your system and allows you to release and re-purpose it to make positive changes in your health and life.

  • Go Hiking - Being out in nature helps you calm your mind and relax. Lucky for us here is Atlanta, we have mountains only an hour away. Getting out for a hike or even laying in some grass in Piedmont Park can help us relax deeply.

More Than a Health Retreat

ACTIVATE Wellness Retreat is more than just a health retreat. The basic understanding of health at EVOLVE Wellness Center is that it begins in your heart and between your ears. The fact is that most of us know how to be healthy, but we simply don't have a strong enough "why" or the motivation to eat healthier, exercise more, and follow our heart. Many people refer to this as energy. You could say that we don't have the energy to make these sustainable changes in our lives. 

At a typical health retreat, you will probably find exceptionally healthy food, perhaps some yoga, meditation, and journaling. At the end of most retreats, you may find that you feel more motivated or connected, healthier or more peaceful. It is rare for a retreat to radically shift your perspective on what is possible in your life, what your purpose is, or how you relate to people. To have such profound changes in your experience of life, something fundamentally has to change in your being. ACTIVATE doesn't focus on helping you eat healthier or develop new habits. Those happen naturally when you cultivate new energy in your system. ACTIVATE allows something foundational to fundamentally change in your connection with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

ACTIVATE Wellness Retreat

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to get outside or exercise as often as we would like and we definitely can't take a vacation whenever we want to. ACTIVATE is designed to be a break from life, a moment to connect with and heal yourself. It is only in the moments of calm that our system can heal from past traumas or expand into a new paradigm of reality. ACTIVATE helps you do just that. At ACTIVATE, you will meet extraordinary people, make new friends, see a new reality and experience life from a new perspective. Join us for an experience that will change your life!

Stay tuned for upcoming overnight retreats in North Georgia!

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