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Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Atlanta

atlas chiropractic
Atlanta Upper Cervical Chiropractor
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Dr. Jill Driver Wright

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Atlanta

Upper Cervical Chiropractic at Evolve Wellness Center

Dr. Jill Driver Wright practices Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Atlanta. Upper Cervical Chiropractic focuses on aligning the top most bone in the neck, the atlas. If your atlas is subluxated, or misaligned, it can have profound impacts on your health. The Atlas sits at the base of the skull and is very close to the brain stem. There are dozens of muscles that attach to the Atlas that can spasm causing misalignments and pain in other parts of the body. There are many neurological processes devoted to keeping our eyesight level with the horizon. If the atlas is out of place, your body will compensate for this misalignment by shifting the position of other bones in your spine to keep the eyes level. These compensatory patterns can cause pain and symptoms in other, seemingly unrelated, parts of the body. because of these reasons and many more, keeping your atlas aligned is crucial for your overall health.

What Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Upper cervical chiropractic involves correcting the misalignment of the atlas and axis bones. The atlas is the first bone in your spine, and the axis is the second bone in your spine. These two bones allow the head to move on a swivel, turning and bending in normal daily activities. This joint complex has a high level of mobility; therefore, this upper cervical joint complex is predisposed to injury or misalignment due to causes like: concussions, whiplash, sports injuries, falls, and motor vehicle accidents

Why is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Important?

The upper cervical joint complex houses the transition of your nervous system. The brainstem turns into the spinal cord as it exits the skull and goes through the upper cervical bones. Misalignments of this joint complex can cause adverse mechanical tension on your spinal cord aka nervous system. This can results in a host of unsuspecting symptoms like: brain fog, fatigue, balance issues, and even compression on important structures like the nerves and vessels of the head and neck. This means even symptoms like facial and jaw pain can be reduced by correcting the upper cervical joint alignment.

Symptoms of Upper Cervical Misalignment

If your Atlas is misaligned, or subluxated, it can cause a variety of symptoms including:

  • Migraines

  • Neck Pain

  • Back Pain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Hip misalignment

  • CerebroSpinal Fluid or CSF flow abnormalities

  • radiculopathy

  • Arm/Leg numbness or pain

  • Dysautonomia

  • and many more​​

Atlas Chiropractic Atlanta

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Wright utilizes a gentle and effective upper cervical chiropractic technique the focuses on gently shifting the atlas into an aligned position without twisting, popping or cracking. The technique she uses is called Orthospinology and is similar to NUCCA Chiropractic and Atlas Orthogonal which is also known as AO Chiropractic. Dr. Wright's adjustment is as gentle as tapping your finger and can have profound effects on your experience of pain and the symptoms mentioned above. Each of her patients has a unique set of symptoms and requires a unique course of care. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Atlanta

Do We Need Imaging?

No two people’s health histories are the same. Our specialized imaging allows us to precisely analyze and treat YOUR unique neck misalignment in order to restore your nervous system to optimal health and function. This means x-rays will be required for treatment. If you are unsure about having x-rays you can book a consultation and exam first and then decide.

How Do You Become A Patient?

Follow the flow below to understand exactly what you need to do to become a patient. We treat ever patient individually to make sure we meet everyone's specific needs.


Day One: 1 Hour


Your first appointment will last about forty-five minutes to one hour. During this time you will have a one on one consultation, exam and xrays with the doctor. Specialized upper cervical x-rays will be required for treatment. If you are unsure about having x-rays you can book a consultation and exam first for a reduced fee. However, please keep in mind you cannot move forward to receive upper cervical treatments without imaging. 


Day 2: 45 minutes


After x-rays the doctor will need time to thoroughly analyze your imaging. Therefore your first treatment will occur on your second visit. During this second visit or report of finding, the doctor will go over your imaging with you and discuss your treatment plan. You then receive your first treatment. This entire process also takes about forty-five  minutes to one hour.


Day 3 and beyond: 15 minutes


It is preferred that your third visit occurs within 72 hours of your first treatment. This allows the doctor to monitor your initial response to treatment and make any needed changes. After this your subsequent visits will vary and should only take about 15 minutes.

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