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  • Mark Buhrke

7 Benefits of Reflexology

There are many benefits to receiving Reflexology, especially from someone who is certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). Reflexology is a powerful way to target specific systems and organs in the body through the feet. Each part of your foot is associated with a different part of your body. An ARCB certified reflexologist is trained to stimulate different parts of your feet in order to help the specific correlated organ or system heal better. Below you will find 7 Benefits of Reflexology.

Foot Reflexology Chart

  1. Full Body Relaxation - Who doesn't like to be more relaxed in this day and age? I love working with people who come in a bit energized or maybe even agitated because I can watch and feel them relax. Somewhere between half way and two thirds of the way through the first foot, the chatter between us begins to slow down, their eyes close, and their breathing becomes slower and more deliberate. By the time we move to the second foot, they're often asleep. While in my reflexology training, I always fell asleep so whoever was paired with me to practice knew I would be the one sleeping, and often snoring, during class. I tend to be a pretty high strung, type A personality, so I purposely take deep breaths and allow my mind chatter to just chatter away because I know the reflexology session will relax me regardless of what may be happening in my life at the time.

  2. Compliments other healing modalities - Different healing modalities, and those who offer them, each have their own unique healing aspect to bring to you as you continue on your road to ultimate health and vitality. Reflexology works with these healing modalities and allows each to bring its own power to deeper and deeper levels. I believe each individual is a Unique Aspect of Divinity bringing their Unique Gift to the planet that none of the other 8 billion people on the planet brings. Therefore each person offering different healing modalities brings their uniqueness to their modality and reflexology, and my unique way of offering it, enhances their unique gift and their unique modality. As reflexology increases the blood flow and nerve stimulation to each area of the body, these modalities benefit from the experience of reflexology.

  3. Targeting specific areas of the body - Reflexology targets healing energies to all the major organs and systems of the body. Reflexology is a targeted modality that impacts all of the systems and organs of the body. By flexing, or touching specific areas of the feet and hands, the body naturally flows more blood and stimulates the nerves for that organ and system of the body. In a full session, which is approximately an hour, I work all of the systems of the body, leaving time at the end to apply pressure to areas that may be calling for more love and attention, or an area where you feel you want more healing energies. I've had people come to me telling me they are having specific issues such as high blood pressure that they want to return to normal, or constipation and digestive issues as well as fertility and allergies. By working those systems of the body with reflexology, they report to me that they are getting positive results.

  4. Helps move energies within the body - Most people are aware of the reflex point in the knee that is tapped in a routine physical exam which produces the foot to kick away from the body. The reflexes touched during a reflexology session work the same way, but instead of causing a nerve to stimulate a muscle that causes the knee to move and the foot to extend, these reflexes stimulate the organs in the body. Sometimes an area on the foot or hand may have what we call a tissue texture change which feels like a crystal or sand under the skin. I take the perspective that these are areas of stuck energy in the body. Sometimes it can be an indication of a serious medical condition, in which case medical advice of a specialist should be sought right away. Most of the time it's an indication that the body is releasing some pent up energies or old belief patterns that are ready to be discharged. I've had people tell me that they can feel something shifting in different areas of their bodies that correspond to the reflex points being touched. It's pretty amazing work.

  5. Brings about more balance and homeostasis of the body, mind and spirit - As I stated before, people relax deeper and deeper the further into the session we go. Many illnesses in the body are caused by stress and the body being out of balance. As the feet are touched and different areas of the feet are stretched and relaxed, the entire body follows suit, bringing the body back to homeostasis and balance. In this state of balance the body experiences more peace. In this state of peace, the body, your innate, is given the clear path to heal itself and return to vitality. The mind quiets. Along with the body and mind, the spirit also aligns and comes to a quieter place. In this quieter space, often insights are revealed giving you ideas and pathways to follow that will take you into further levels of peace, health and vitality.

  6. Relieves stress and tension - Often people tell me they have stress and tension in their neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. Sciatic nerve seems to also be a hot spot for many people. Reflexology offers a gentle way to relieve this tension and the pain associated with it. As each of these specific areas are flexed, and associated areas are flexed, the muscles begin to relax and the tension lifts. It even works for mental stress, including excessive mind chatter. The mind tends to slow down or even stop and our feeling of being out of control tends to weaken. A more peaceful, grounded viewpoint emerges and strengthens. Many of my clients get so relaxed they fall into a deep sleep and some have told me they even journey while receiving reflexology.

  7. Works on specific issues - Some of these areas include reducing high blood pressure, relieving intestinal issues, fertility concerns, sciatic and other nerve issues, neck and shoulder stress and pain, plantar fasciitis, in addition to relieving tension in hips, lower back and lower extremities.

If you're going to try reflexology, commit to 3 or more sessions when you start. It has a cumulative effect and the more regularly you get treatments, the more your body can receive the treatments and bring forth healing. Also drink extra water before and after a session. It's best to be hydrated before a session so your body can receive these benefits. It's also important to drink water after a session because energies and toxins are released and you want those eliminated from your body as quickly as possible so they don't settle into other areas of your body. They've been released so let them go.

Mark Buhrke is the reflexologist at Evolve Wellness Center, located in Atlanta, GA. If you are interested in booking a session with Mark, email

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