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"The shape, tension, tone, and position of our spine is in direct relation with shape, tension, tone, and position of your LIFE."

-Dr. Donald M. Epstein  

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Network Chiropractic is Gentle and Effective

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Network Chiropractic Results

- Sustainable Results - With most conventional chiropractic techniques, you get adjusted and, whether it takes a few hours or a few weeks, your spine "goes out" again. Network Chiropractic teaches YOUR body how to make the changes so your spine stays aligned on its own.

- Gentle (no cracking) - Network Chiropractic uses gentle touches along your spine designed to communicate directly with your nervous system and help your brain find and heal subluxation (bone misalignment) patterns. 

- Releases Tension - One of the foundational aspects of Network Chiropractic care is teaching your body to breathe. When your body takes a full breath, it feels like you're melting into the table.

- Self-empowerment - As your body relaxes and your entire system experiences more energy, you can experience more confidence and ease in your physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual experience.

Patient Reviews 

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